Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What shall I bring with me? Packing and clothing items

Well, here is a check list, based on other people's experiences, that I will use to prepare for my journey. I'm not sure I will bring all this, I want to keep it as light as possible....

Clothing and Packing List

Luxury Items:

o   Camera
o   GPS Receiver
o   Journal Pad
o   Iphone
o   Ipad mini
o   Chargers phone, battery

Items worn or carried:

o   Hiking Shirt
o   Hiking Pants
o   Underwear
o   Socks
o   Shoes
o   Insoles
o   Sun Hat
o   Sun glasses
o   Wallet
o   Documents: (beltpouch)
o   Passport
o   Drivers License
o   Credit Cards
o   Cash
    Priest in good standing document
o   Plane Tickets

Biking Specific Gear

o   Biking shoes -?-
o   Waterproof biking pants (long)
o   Waterproof wind breaker (rain)
o   Two lycra short sleeve biking t shirts
o   Two long sleeve
o   Two pair biking socks
o   Bathroom sandals
o   Reflective vest
o   Bike gloves

Sleeping Items to consider

o   Sleeping bag   -----?   (lightest possible)
o   Ear plugs--
o   Eye covers
o   Bed bug defense
o   Pillow case
o   Sleeping pills


o   International phone plan
o   Phone charger (extra)
o   International bank credit plan
o   Passport- photo id
o   Pilgrim Credentials
o   Plane, bus, train tix
o   Itinerary outline

Foot – Leg Care

o   Hiking trekking shoes
o   Sandals
o   Smart wool socks (2)
o   Inserts (2)
o   Spare shoe laces
o   Mole skin
o   Band aids
o   Duc tape
o   Calf stocking
o   Leg stocking

Medical supplies

o   Anti-infl pills
o   Tweezers
o   Needle thread
o   Alcholol wipes
o   Advil- aleve
o   Chap stick
o   Neosporin
o   Blister med
o   Clippers nails

Clothing Warm weather

o   Pants/ zip shorts (2 )
o   Sun glasses
o   Underwear (2)
o   Under t shirt (2)
o   Hat- sun protection

 Clothing Packed (cool/weather)

o   Clothing Stuff Sack- 13.liter
o   Base Layer Top
o   Base Layer Bottom
o   Torso Insulation
o   Rain Jacket
o   Spare Socks
o   Warm Hat
o   Gloves (biking)
o   Gloves (warmth)

Bike Tools & Accessories

o   1 pedal wrench
o   1 spare inner tube
o   Topeak Mountain Morph pump
o   1 patch kit
o   6 zip ties
o   4 compression straps (to hold things on to the back of the bike)
o   Duct tape (a few lengths, wrapped around some cardboard)
o   Topeak Mini 20 Pro multi-tool

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