Friday, June 27, 2014

Mr. mailman.... wait and see.... if there's a letter...

Today, I wrote a letter to the Pope asking Him for prayers and blessings for our parish and my sabbatical "conversion".  I gave him my cell phone and email, in case he wants to join me on my journey. 

It is very easy to write to Pope Francis, and you never know, he may just respond to your letter!

I not only asked for his blessing, but also the chance to pray with him at his morning mass, if God's will allows it, and his calendar and mine coincide! We will see.

In the meantime, if anyone else wants to write the Pope here is his address.

God Speed!

His Holiness Pope Francis
Domus Sanctae Marthae
Vatican City State

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What shall I bring with me? Packing and clothing items

Well, here is a check list, based on other people's experiences, that I will use to prepare for my journey. I'm not sure I will bring all this, I want to keep it as light as possible....

Clothing and Packing List

Luxury Items:

o   Camera
o   GPS Receiver
o   Journal Pad
o   Iphone
o   Ipad mini
o   Chargers phone, battery

Items worn or carried:

o   Hiking Shirt
o   Hiking Pants
o   Underwear
o   Socks
o   Shoes
o   Insoles
o   Sun Hat
o   Sun glasses
o   Wallet
o   Documents: (beltpouch)
o   Passport
o   Drivers License
o   Credit Cards
o   Cash
    Priest in good standing document
o   Plane Tickets

Biking Specific Gear

o   Biking shoes -?-
o   Waterproof biking pants (long)
o   Waterproof wind breaker (rain)
o   Two lycra short sleeve biking t shirts
o   Two long sleeve
o   Two pair biking socks
o   Bathroom sandals
o   Reflective vest
o   Bike gloves

Sleeping Items to consider

o   Sleeping bag   -----?   (lightest possible)
o   Ear plugs--
o   Eye covers
o   Bed bug defense
o   Pillow case
o   Sleeping pills


o   International phone plan
o   Phone charger (extra)
o   International bank credit plan
o   Passport- photo id
o   Pilgrim Credentials
o   Plane, bus, train tix
o   Itinerary outline

Foot – Leg Care

o   Hiking trekking shoes
o   Sandals
o   Smart wool socks (2)
o   Inserts (2)
o   Spare shoe laces
o   Mole skin
o   Band aids
o   Duc tape
o   Calf stocking
o   Leg stocking

Medical supplies

o   Anti-infl pills
o   Tweezers
o   Needle thread
o   Alcholol wipes
o   Advil- aleve
o   Chap stick
o   Neosporin
o   Blister med
o   Clippers nails

Clothing Warm weather

o   Pants/ zip shorts (2 )
o   Sun glasses
o   Underwear (2)
o   Under t shirt (2)
o   Hat- sun protection

 Clothing Packed (cool/weather)

o   Clothing Stuff Sack- 13.liter
o   Base Layer Top
o   Base Layer Bottom
o   Torso Insulation
o   Rain Jacket
o   Spare Socks
o   Warm Hat
o   Gloves (biking)
o   Gloves (warmth)

Bike Tools & Accessories

o   1 pedal wrench
o   1 spare inner tube
o   Topeak Mountain Morph pump
o   1 patch kit
o   6 zip ties
o   4 compression straps (to hold things on to the back of the bike)
o   Duct tape (a few lengths, wrapped around some cardboard)
o   Topeak Mini 20 Pro multi-tool

Monday, June 23, 2014

Did you know there is a Museum of the Souls of Purgatory?

One of my blog followers suggested I visit this Church when I am in Rome. WILL DO! Never heard of this Church before, but it will be on my journey...
Any other suggestions will also be welcome! Just shoot me an email.