Sunday, July 13, 2014

A post to connect and organize some of my developing photo albums... (work in progress)

1. Tantur to Jerusalem....(the old city)

There also is the new city (north of the old) very modern (starbucks etc)

I like to get a sense of being a pilgrim by walking as much as possible. One great opportunity is the fact that Tantur (where I am staying) is  very close to Bethlehem and not so close to Jerusalem... therefore, I try to walk it whenever I can, to get a sense of how it must of felt for Mary and co. and to get some exercise, do penance etc...

Here are some photos of interesting sites along the way...

Anyone have a few million to do some excavations?

2.  Tantur to the Shopping Mall! 

I decided to walk (not really knowing where I was going, just a general sense of "over there")... to the Mahal Mall - the newest, most extravagent (think 5th avenue or Michigan ave shopping)... Mall. I needed an apple adapter to transfer photos from camera to ipad.... and only in the New Heavenly Jerusalem of the Shopping Mall- could it be found. I refrained from taking pictures once inside the mall, but it was quite the contrast. The yuppies and well to do of the Jewish nation were out in force shopping away on several floors of ice cold air conditioned shopping malls... everything and anything you could imagine, including Apple!, could be found here!

an earthly pilgrimage... Mahal Mall - Michigan mile of greater Jerusalem!

3. Church of the Ascension ( the muslims own the property now, so the area is underdeveloped in relation to other christian holy sites) You will notice a small chapel, we enter and there is a small boxed area on the ground. If you look with the eyes of faith and love, and innocence, you can see, a footprint in the rock, and this is very close to the area that has always been venerated as the place on Mount Olivet where Jesus ascended to His Father and Ours!

the explanation that Hana gave was excellent, but it did give me time to practice my camera skills on a cat in the distance.... ascencion photos

4. Pater Noster (Church where Jesus could have taught the prayer - Our Father to His Disciples) Im sure he had to repeat Himself....  there is also a convent of (I believe carmelite nuns here) see the photo with the bars and Jesus in the inside (with the nuns)... and a small underground chapel - close to the place traditionally accepted where Jesus and disciples could have sat and learned to pray....

Pater Noster  I believe our guide said... (I was distracted with the cats)... the prayer is displayed in over 178 languages.... and still adding more. More tour book said 67 languages...

5.  Take me down to the river,
river jordan (south site) where the Jordan ends

The life preserver is something that I may have to add to our baptismal font...

6. I have many photos and much to say about the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, but for now, here are some photos.
Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Golgotha, Calvary...

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