Monday, July 7, 2014

What? no Quincineras in Jerusalem?

What's that I see? A Barmitzvah!

The Big kid, 15 yrs old?, under the tent is the 15 (quince)... Our bus driver said, they come from the states, so as to save money on the celebration.... (easier to tell the kid, "no you cant do x, we are doing it old school in Jerusalem...." ... they are going up the the house of the Lord, and that's all I know.... I'll find out more tomorrow.... (I've got so many photos and things to share, but my computer skills and internet service is slowing me down, plus Ive got to sleep and eat and do laundry,... etc... ) more to come 

Just so we dont get too excited with birthday's... another 
site outside the city walls of Jerusalem, that reveals the old tomb's and burial places...

And every year around the 7th of July out pops....

wait for it!

 a groundhog!

yes that is me, they have been feeding us very well, great food and hot sauce to boot!

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